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When, where, and who started the NCCPT? The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) was started in Southern California by John Platero in September of 1995, when he was promoted to Director of Personal Training for a chain of health clubs called LA FITNESS. Faced with the common problem of having to increase revenue without a qualified staff, John decided to create a vehicle by which he could recruit new trainers, teach them the basics and provide these future professional... more less
3481 Old Conejo Road #102
Newbury Park, CA 91320
Phone Number800-778-6060 

Certification/Training Types

NBFE-Accredited Cert.
NCCA-Accredited Cert.
DescriptionOur Personal Trainer Certification course provides all the materials you would receive at our live workshop via online videos or DVD's. With our course you will be able to stop, rewind and review any subject or concept that might interest you. The online videos and DVD's are great to use as a resource for future references to help you in your career as a Personal Trainer. Learn how to correctly and safely apply exercise to yourself and your clients. Included with the course is information on how to enter the personal training field or to how to start and market your own personal training business. With our course, you'll receive a Personal Training Manual, your exam and 11 DVD's, or these same materials in an online format: Exercise Physiology Nutrition Flexibility and Stretching Techniques Exercise Application - 5 DVDs that take you step by step through all the exercises! Program Design Anatomical Terms Special Populations How to Perform a First Workout Study these materials to help prepare you for your exam. Once you've passed, we'll send you your certificate in the mail. Price includes taking the exam one time at a testing facility! CURRICULUM Basic exercise physiology Basic nutrition Program Design Special Populations Proper stretching techniques Biomechanics of exercise Exercise Application How to get clientele How to keep clients motivated and coming back
AccreditationNBFE, NCCA
Course Material Price $0.00 Note: Price for basic Exam Only package, other options available
Exam Price $0.00 Note: Includes Free Study Material, additional study materials are available
Exam Delivery Method Proctored In Person Note: At a computer testing center.
Practical Exam RequiredNo
PrerequisiteCandidates must be 18 years of age and must provide photo ID and valid CPR at time of exam.
Renewal Period2 years
CECs/CEUs per renewal period2
Renewal Fee75
Term Used for Continuing EducationContinuing Education Unit (CEU)
One Hour of Continuing Education Equals0.1 CEU
CategoryPersonal Trainer

IDEA Continuing Education Approved By NCCPT

NCCPT 0.40, and 24 other agencies
NCCPT 0.30, and 23 other agencies
NCCPT 0.20, and 19 other agencies
NCCPT 0.30, and 18 other agencies
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