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The International Strength Training Association LLC (ISTA) provides comprehensive and affordable fitness and nutrition certifications online. Here at ISTA our goal is to provide everybody with the opportunity to pursue a career in fitness without compromising one's budget.
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Certification/Training Types

DescriptionExpand you knowledge and practice with an ISTA Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification. You will learn the basic fundamentals of nutrition and how to effectively communicate that information to your clients through meal planning and recommendations.
Course Material Price $0.00
Exam Price $249.00
Exam Delivery Method Online Note: Timed Format
Practical Exam RequiredNo
Prerequisite- 18 years of age
Renewal Period2 years
CECs/CEUs per renewal period0
Renewal Fee99
NBFE-Accredited Cert.
DescriptionThe ISTA personal trainer certification provides a comprehensive study of all aspects of the profession as a personal trainer.
Course Material Price $0.00
Exam Price $299.00
Exam Delivery Method Online Note: Timed Format
Practical Exam RequiredNo
Prerequisite- 18 years of age - CPR
Renewal Period2 years
CECs/CEUs per renewal period0
Renewal Fee99
CategoryPersonal Trainer

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15 reviews
mayra benavides
On May 05, 2015
I won a free personal training and i had just completed the exam and i passed it. The review was great and the test was quick for me. All i gotta do is start training people! Next up, fitness nutrition.
Mark Maisonneuve
On Apr 26, 2015
After reviewing my options ISTA was the best. The payment plan worked great and the study material was available immediately upon purchase. I am now a certified fitness nutrition specialist. My personal trainer certification is next! Thank you!
Eric Morales
On Apr 23, 2015
I was afraid to get a certification online because I live outside of USA, but I had NO ISSUES at all with people at ISTA. Everytime I had a question, they answered it right away. It's complete, affordable, and I highly recommend it for anyone, on the US or any other country around the world.

Eric Andrés Morales ID 0141
Carol Taylor
On Mar 02, 2015
Before I signed up for the course I had some concerns these were readily addressed by the efficient and knowledgeable staff. The manual was well structured and flowed well which made it easy to read and understand.
Thank you ISTA for providing an affordable, recognizable and accredited certification.
I can certainly recommend your certifications.

David Lovett
On Feb 26, 2015
I can honestly say I read reviews from just about every certification program out there, and ISTA definitely fit my needs and the way I like to study. The program was up front, easy to understand and covered the technical side on a lot of things I had a good grip on already. I would definitely recommend ISTA to anyone looking to obtain legitimate info to become a personal trainer.

David Lovett.
Deniece Harrison
On Jan 12, 2015
I enjoined my expericience with ISTA! I am a stay at home mom and I have two children. I was able to obtain my certification from the comfort of my home while still taking care of my kids and doing everything else needed in my daily routine. This program was very easy to understand. I was happy that the study guide and the exam was similar. Some exams word the questions in what seems to be a trick question and your left wondering if you even covered that in the study materials. I am now ready to show the world my fitness nutrition skills. Very excited to help people drop a few lbs. If you are a fast learner, reader and can retain information. Then this certification is for you!! Check it out!
prince roberts
On Dec 03, 2014
I am very thankful for my experience with getting my certification with ista. For awhile now I was meaning to get my personal training certification but never followed through with it completely. But ista not only made it affordable but they also made it convenient. I would not be where I am at today with out their help. Thanks again!
bella carter
On Nov 28, 2014
Will I be able to get into a gym with an ista certification? I don't want to spend the $$ and it not help me. My name is Bella and my email is
mauro Vera
On Oct 04, 2014
ISTA is legit. I couldnt be happier with the decision I made to get my certification with them. Very affordable and professional people.
Anwar Watts
On Sep 03, 2014
Being certified through ISTA is one of the best decisions that I have made. its an unbeatable price and I could access the study material with ease. I gained a vast amount of knowledge on the human body and proper eating habits and I am looking forward to sharing that knowledge with my clients. I am very proud to be a member of the ISTA family.

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