International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA)

IDEA Continuing Education Approved By IFPA

Can't Resist Resistance; Circuit Training for Strength

IFPA 2.00, and 22 other agencies

Carbohydrates-Their Role in Body Composition, Weight Management and Performance

IFPA 2.00, and 21 other agencies

Cardio Ballet Dance: Chix Can Tutu Too!

IFPA 2.00, and 19 other agencies

Cashing in on Corrective Exercise

IFPA 2.00, and 17 other agencies

Chasing Pheidippides: Marathon Training 101 - CEC Course

IFPA 1.00, and 18 other agencies

Core 3 x 3

IFPA 2.00, and 20 other agencies

Core Conditioning Combos

IFPA 2.00, and 20 other agencies

Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments

IFPA 2.00, and 21 other agencies

Corrective Exercise-An Integrated Approach Using Suspension Training Course

IFPA 3.00, and 17 other agencies

Create Your Online Presence: A Fitness Professional’s Guide to Social Media

IFPA 3.00, and 23 other agencies