Testimonial for CoreFitnessRoller by Kimberly Ford

“After 20 years of teaching singing plus two cesarean sections I was well aware of my core but was afraid I would never have the core strength I had before the birth of my children. I thought the muscles were simply too compromised from the trauma. The CoreFitnessRoller™ was an answer to my prayers. After only 5 weeks of training on the roller I began to see definition and have renewed stamina. What I learned and developed on the core fitness roller plus what I already teach my students regarding how we use our bodies in singing was a match made in heaven.

I have been aware of muscles I have worked in a vigorous class but have never felt sore a day, only revitalized. The biggest surprise is my improved balance. Better balance changes everything, not only how we move but how we optimize all of our activities. I feel 10 years younger.

My car wouldn’t start a few days ago and I immediately hopped on my bike and rode seven miles to my CoreFitnessRoller™ training class because I couldn’t imagine the day without this experience. I’m hooked!"

Vocalist/Educator/Mom Santa Barbara, CA

- by Kimberly Ford

Santa Barbara, CA 93109, US