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AEA 1.50, and 25 other agencies
AEA 1.50, and 25 other agencies
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3 reviews
Laura Papuga
On Sep 09, 2013
I would like to know if any AEA members are doing aquatic programs for youth with weight issues ?
Maritza Acevedo
On Aug 04, 2011
AEA was my first certification and I just love this company. Their newsletter, website, their certifications and workshop are the best when it comes to aquatics.

If you get AEA certify, you get "the job," the knowledge, and the support you need.
I began my participation in aquatic exercise as part of my personal retirement program. My instructors encouraged me to become an instructor and provided initial training and supervision at New York Capital District YMCA facilities ( I quickly wanted to expand and strengthen my resources to do this work full-time. AEA training, conferences and certification credentials have been indispensable to me for more than ten years ( Every year I participate in the AEA sponsored International Aquatic Fitness Conference, Orlando FL. That helps me maintain and increase my ability to provide good and appropriate instruction to individuals and special groups with impaired mobility and joint pain.

Recently I moved to my new home in Englewood, Colorado and I hope to resume my work in aquatics as opportunities allow. I asked AEA's leaders, Angie Proctor and Julie See for permission to list them as references. They agreed and that is my finest credential. I think my opinion of AEA is clear.

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