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Your Knees CAN Go Past Your Toes!

by Chris McGrath, MS

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The fitness industry is filled with numerous guidelines and recommendations for exercise prescription... and with good reason! But have we interpreted these guidelines as "rules" rather than as suggestions with precautionary considerations for the average exerciser? Have we created a rigid and blind following and stripped away our ability to think critically and truly evaluate our clients' needs and abilities? Explore how a rigid adherence to general guidelines can lead to new restrictions, impede progress and potentially create new risks? Understand the latest (and ancient) research regarding these common, functional movements, and why the "guidelines" may be limiting and grossly exaggerated. Walk away with a better understanding of everyday influences so you'll have a better rationale when choosing techniques and instructing clients how to perform them. This workshop will practice different techniques with respect to function and will provide strategies to improve common restrictions to get us moving the way we are designed to move.
By Chris McGrath, MS

About the Presenter

Chris McGrath, MS

Chris McGrath, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

Chris is the founder of Movement First, a New York City-based fitness education, consulting, and training business. Drawing on over 20 years of fitness experience, Chris specializes in a variety of training and coaching modalities, including, sports performance and injury prevention, post-rehabilitation and lifestyle/wellness coaching. While serving as Director of Education for one of the largest health club chains in the US, Chris designed and delivered education for fitness professionals at all skill levels. His passion for teaching and a desire to reach a broader audience with his experience and philosophy drove Chris to establish Movement First. Today, Chris teaches and consults for some of the most successful fitness organizations in the world, including the American Council on Exercise, Reebok, Functional Movement Systems (creators of the Functional Movement Screen), Fitness Anywhere (makers of the TRX), Star Trac, and numerous others. He also creates and teaches his own workshops for Movement First. In addition to being a first-class educator and trainer, Chris is a recognized international presenter. Chris has an MS in Exercise Physiology with a focus on Sports Performance and Injury Prevention, and a BS in Health Education along with numerous industry-recognized certifications.