Yoga for the Core

by Suzette O'Byrne

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Over time our bodies can develop many different layers of compensations. With this yoga core DVD, you will learn how to identify, release and retrain the body to allow it to move with greater ease and functionality.

Yoga for the Core Highlights:

  • Includes yoga core exercises that allow the body to move with greater ease and functionality
  • Learn how to identify, release and retrain the body with this yoga core DVD

By Suzette O'Byrne

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Compensations
3. Awareness
4. Creating the Center
5. Inner Core
6. Connections and Compensations
7. Moving With Ease

About the Presenter

Suzette O'Byrne

Suzette O'Byrne IDEA Author/Presenter

Suzette O’Byrne is a master trainer with Keiser Corporation and a TRX® senior trainer who specializes in yoga therapy, indoor cycling and personal training. She is the Recreation Manager at The Glencoe Club in Calgary, Alberta and the author of Yoga for the Core: Finding Stability in an Unstable Environment. Suzette holds a BSc. in Kinesiology and a designation as Trainer of Fitness Leaders from AFLCA. Certifications: ACE, E-RYT500   For more information about Suzette visit