Yoga for Stiff Hips

by Lenny Parracino


The energy of the hips can be alive and full of vitality, or dull and dormant. With a sedentary sitting lifestyle or an active lifestyle playing aggressive sports, the hips adapt by getting stiff and weak leading to unique compensations. When the hips become dull and dormant, life functions become difficult, which spawns a cycle of tightness, weakness and compensation. Explore assessments and solutions to your body’s power center.
By Lenny Parracino

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2. Science of Movement Play
3. Defining the Hip Play
4. Probable Causes of Stiffness Play
5. Movement Play
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Lenny Parracino

Lenny Parracino IDEA Author/Presenter

Lenny Parracino is a former author, hands on instructor and clinician for The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Currently, he serves as a faculty member of the Gray Institute of Applied F...