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Yoga—A Powerful Tool for Metabolic Enhancement, Weight Loss and Anti-Aging

by Megan Scott, PhD

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Yoga—A Powerful Tool for Metabolic Enhancement, Weight Loss and Anti-Aging presents recent research and an overview of how yoga can promote weight loss by increasing metabolic efficiency, and how yoga can produce anti-aging effects. The DVD includes an experiential yoga practice, featuring breathing and meditation techniques, as well as yoga asanas that affect human physiology by reducing cortisol levels, regulating glucose metabolism, and enhancing fat burning capacity.

Among the topics covered:

  • Seated postures
  • Standing postures
  • Plank and cobra poses
  • Finishing sequence

By Megan Scott, PhD

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Seated Postures
3. Standing Postures
4. Plank & Cobra Poses
5. Finishing Sequence

About the Presenter

Megan Scott, PhD

Megan Scott, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter