YES! Pilates IS Functional Training!

by Marshall Eklund, MA

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Are you sick and tired of hearing athletic trainers say that Pilates is not functional? Learn why this myth is wrong. Examine some of the most powerful Pilates exercises and learn how they relate to functional training and movement. Discover why Pilates is one of the most awesome and effective methodologies for conditioning—even for functional fitness.
By Marshall Eklund, MA

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. What is Functional Training?
3. Mechanical Specificity
4. Pilates Training
5. Overview of Functional Workout
6. Functional Training Session

About the Presenter

Marshall Eklund, MA

Marshall Eklund, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

Marshall is a 25+ year fitness industry veteran with absolute passion for developing physical and personal power. Equipped with degrees in Marketing and Master’s in Biomechanics, Marshall opened his...