Women and the Lumbo-Pelvic Puzzle

by Wendy Williamson, PhD

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What is lumbo-pelvic dysfunction and what causes lumbo-pelvic pain? How much does pregnancy, low-back pain or external/internal hip rotation contribute to this dysfunction? The lumbo-pelvic area is comprised of 29 muscles—this DVD will help uncover techniques to assess function and determine muscular imbalance in this complicated region.

This is a live recorded session from the 2009 IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference™
By Wendy Williamson, PhD

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. What Is Lumbo-Pelvic Dysfunction?
3. Hypermobile
4. Hypomobile
5. Overactive Psoas Muscle
6. Lordosis and Kyphosis
7. Flat Back
8. Sciatica
9. Sacroiliac Joint
10. Tight Hamstrings
11. Tight IT (lliotibial) Bands

About the Presenter

Wendy Williamson, PhD

Wendy Williamson, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter

I own a fitness studio and am a post rehabilitation specialist. My PhD study was low back pain with emphasis in spinal stabilization. I see many with chronic diseases or recovering from injuries, ie: joint replacement, MS, Parkinson's Disease, MS, and general deconditioning. I also travel and speak "training trainers" and have authored many articles. Love what I do; love how it helps the quality of life for those I get to spend time with in the studio.