Ultimate Six

by Cassidy Phillips

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This video defines the Ultimate Six areas of the body that have the most influence on human biomechanics and injuries. By managing and manipulating the muscle and fascia in these areas, you can bring efficiency to the mechanical workings of the body and increase your overall health, well-being and performance. A clear understanding of the association of the Ultimate Six and their effect on biomechanics enables us to manage aches and pains and promote recovery through increased blood flow and range of motion. Come learn how these new methodologies can be incorporated into your daily routine to increase biomechanical efficiency and performance through MCT (myofascial compression techniques), a form of self-myofascial release, using innovative tools.
By Cassidy Phillips

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Understanding Biomechanics
3. Getting the Programming Right
4. Working with the Foot Baller and Baller Block
5. Adding the Ball to the Baller Block
6. Working the Quads
7. Working the Psoas
8. Working the Piriformis
9. Working the Pectorialis Major and Minor
10. Conclusion
11. Credits

About the Presenter

Cassidy Phillips

Cassidy Phillips IDEA Author/Presenter

Cassidy Phillips is a biomechanical specialist concentrating on sports performance, injury prevention and the muscular structure that supports the efforts of the body in motion. His objective is to re...