TRX®: Essentials for Personal Training

by Fraser Quelch

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TRX Essentials for Personal Training combines the latest in the application of advanced foundational movement concepts while integrating the TRX Suspension Trainer&trade. This session is designed for the trainer who is looking to take their training to the next level by delivering better function and performance. Unlock the powerful Suspension Training® techniques that are democratizing world–class training and being used in every realm of training, from rehabilitation to the highest level of athletics.
By Fraser Quelch, TRX

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Plank
3. Push
4. Pull
5. Lunge
6. Squat
7. Workout
8. Conclusion

About the Presenter

Fraser Quelch

Fraser Quelch IDEA Author/Presenter

Fraser Quelch is the director of training and development for TRX® and is the creator and lead educator of the revolutionary TRX Suspension Training Program. He is a dynamic and high–energy ...