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TRX® Suspension Training Techniques for Functional Strength, Core Conditioning and Flexibility

by Fraser Quelch


TRX® Suspension Training Techniques for Functional Strength, Core Conditioning, and Flexibility reviews why some of the most accomplished athletes in the world are using this new and effective training modality to help improve their performance. The DVD explains the basics behind suspension training and offers solutions for anchoring the unit, as well as new exercises for every skill level. The DVD also examines advanced training techniques for integrating other equipment and more complex movements into suspension training. In addition, the DVD provides experiential workouts for suspension training and hands-on case studies involving this unique mode of training. Among the topics covered:
  • Setup
  • Principles of progression
  • Exercise demonstrations

By Fraser Quelch

Additional Content

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Video Chapters

1. Introduction Play
2. Setup Play
3. Principles of Progression Play
4. Exercise Demonstrations Play
5. Conclusion Play

About the Presenter

Fraser Quelch

Fraser Quelch IDEA Author/Presenter

Fraser Quelch is the director of training and development for Fitness Anywhere® and the creator of the TRX® training program. An expert in functional training and endurance athletics, Fraser has pre...