Triple Play: Aquatic Total-Body Conditioning

by Stephanie Thielen

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The simplicity of the triple play format makes this video effective and fun! A non-stop cycle of 10 minutes, repeated five times, of cardio, lower-body and upper-body exercises is the sure-fire aqua way to total-body conditioning.
By Stephanie Thielen

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Tips for Teaching
3. Warm-Up
4. 5:3:2 Exercise Routine
5. Cool-Down

About the Presenter

Stephanie Thielen

Stephanie Thielen IDEA Author/Presenter

Stephanie Thielen, B.S. holds 20 years of extensive experience in group fitness instruction, program development, and staff management at the corporate, community, and collegiate level. Dedicated to quality education, Stephanie travels nationally presenting continuing education workshops that teach logical methods for class construction, providing the “tools of the trade” to help instructors develop their professional teaching skills. Stephanie is an AEA Training Specialist, NETA Trainer, BOSU and Gliding Master Trainer/Presenter, and a Premier Consultant with SFR, a company that provides educational resources to fitness professionals. Certifications: AEA, ACE, AFAA