Training the Impingement Client

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This DVD covers the pathomechanics and functional anatomy of the shoulder, the pathophysiology of shoulder impingement, and common treatment plans. Postrehabilitative training exercises with rationale will also be provided.

This is a live recorded session from the 2008 IDEA World Fitness Convention™.


"The DVD was great...very informative! You have taught me some new stabilization exercises that I can see will be very helpful to me."

Heather Belluomini

Sebastopol, CA

"The presentation was very organized. The information was presented both verbally and visually at the level of education of your audience. I felt I understood the material and could use it immediately with my clients. I have a much better understanding of the shoulder joint's function. Your attention to detail was awesome. The information exceeded my expectations. I have many more "tools" to use in my tool box!"

Chris Borda

Fitness Advantage

Burlington, CT

By Chris Gellert, MPT

Chris Gellert, MPT

IDEA Author/Presenter

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