Training Tactical Athletes

by Bryan Fass


This video is a must for any trainer who works with (or wishes to work with) public safety professionals like firefighters, police officers and emergency medical technicians. They all have one thing in common“they need to be ready to push, pull, lift and throw things (even people!) at a moment's notice. This video takes a close look at the specific training techniques, assessments and corrective exercises that are critical to training the tactical athlete so they get, and stay, injury free. The content of this video requires the trainer to have significant knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and exercise science.
By Bryan Fass

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Video Chapters

1. Introduction & Overview Play
2. Trends in Public Safety Play
3. The S-M-F Principle Play
4. Exercise Considerations Play
5. Tactical Movements Play
6. Conclusion and Questions Play

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Bryan Fass

Bryan Fass IDEA Author/Presenter

Bryan Fass is the president of Fass Consulting, LLC, a company in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in public safety/healthcare fitness, human performance and fitness testing. Bryan holds a bach...