Training Issues and Solutions for Older Adults

by Lauren Eirk


This video will uncover and explain the realities of aging and the functional issues that many older adults (50+) face. As trainers, we must have the knowledge necessary to modify our exercise prescriptions in order for them to be appropriate for our clients' current state and training goals using MicroProgression™ and constant assessment. Joint wear, range of motion, muscular imbalance/inhibition, bone loss, inflammation and deconditioning realities are some of the topics that will be discussed in this in-depth workshop.
By Lauren Eirk

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Video Chapters

1. Introduction Play
2. Realities of the Senior Client Play
3. They Body's Comfort Zone Play
4. Mechanoreceptor Play
5. Joint Characteristics Play
6. Arthritis Play
7. Translating Goals Play
8. What Is Our Responsibility? Play

About the Presenter

Lauren Eirk

Lauren Eirk IDEA Author/Presenter

Lauren Eirk is an RTS® mastery-level Resistance Training Specialist®, a member of the RTS teaching faculty, a Muscle Activation Techniques™ certified specialist, and a certified yoga instructor. S...