Today’s Youth...Tomorrow’s Athlete

by Bill Parisi and Ingrid Owen

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Engage and serve the growing youth market! Whether you are a personal trainer, club owner or personal training manager, you will acquire important takeaways that you can implement into your business immediately. Learn how to build your youth membership and client base by attacking the obesity and injury epidemic facing America’s children.

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Setting the Stage
3. Strategies for Motivating Kids
4. Sample Workout
5. Wrap-Up

About the Presenters

Bill Parisi

Bill Parisi IDEA Author/Presenter

Bill Parisi is the founder and CEO of the Parisi Speed School, a national youth fitness and performance franchise company with over 75 locations in 26 states. Bill received his undergraduate degree i...

Ingrid Owen

Ingrid Owen IDEA Author/Presenter