The Top 10 Corrective Exercises

by Justin Price, MA

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Presentations on corrective exercise and biomechanics are always full of assessment information and theory. While this information is invaluable to the understanding of helping clients in chronic pain, trainers need to know some simple exercises that they can use anywhere and at any time to help their clients feel better. This hands-on session will teach you the top 10 corrective exercises and show you how to integrate them into any personal training program.
By Justin Price, MA

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Golf Ball Roll
3. Calf Stretch (On Bosu)
4. Foam Roller: Side-of-Thigh
5. Foam Roller: Quadriceps
6. Baseball On Butt
7. Two Tennis Balls On The Upper Back
8. Hip Flexor Stretch
9. Lying-Rotations
10. Lunge With Knee Pull
11. Step Back With Arm Raise

About the Presenter

Justin Price, MA

Justin Price, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

Justin Price, MA Justin Price, MA, is a corrective exercise specialist and the creator of the BioMechanics Method, which provides exercise solutions for people in chronic pain. He is an IDEA Personal ...