The Stability-Mobility Relationship

by Fabio Comana, MA, MS

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The stability-mobility relationship within the kinetic chain is a critical component to effective programming. Successful professionals understand specific joint needs and identify movement compensations associated with inadequate joint stability and mobility. This session examines this relationship, offering key strategies to make a difference in restoring posture, promoting movement efficiency and enhancing performance.
By Fabio Comana, MA, MS

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. The Kinetic Chain Relationship
3. Training For Stability and Mobility
4. Core Function Exercise #1
5. Core Function Exercise #2
6. Segmental Stabilization to Integrated Stabilization
7. Conclusion

About the Presenter

Fabio Comana, MA, MS

Fabio Comana, MA, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

Fabio Comana, MA, MS Fabio Comana, MA, MS, is an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise and a faculty lecturer at San Diego State University and the University of California, San D...