The Real Deal—Functional Anatomy

by Fraser Quelch

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Do we really know what our muscles are doing? Emerging research is challenging what we thought we have always known about the way our muscles act in function. This new information has tremendous impact on the strategies trainers should employ as they bring their clients to peak levels of ability and fitness. In this DVD, you'll learn what your muscles are doing day to day in function and prepare to be surprised at how this might differ from what we have always been taught.

By Fraser Quelch

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Basic Gait Movements
3. Hip Abductors
4. Hip Flexors
5. Quadriceps
6. Hamstrings
7. Gastrocnemius
8. Abdominals
9. Latissimus
10. Pectorals
11. Deltoids
12. Conclusion

About the Presenter

Fraser Quelch

Fraser Quelch IDEA Author/Presenter

Fraser Quelch is the director of training and development for Fitness Anywhere® and the creator of the TRX training program. An expert in functional training and endurance athletics, Fraser has presented at events worldwide and is featured in 19 fitness DVDs. Fraser holds a bachelors degree in physical education.