The Nuts and Bolts of Business Ownership

by Nicki Anderson


The idea of owning a business is alluring to many.  Making your own schedule, handpicking your staff and setting your own rules can be very appealing to the self-starter.  It sounds easy to some, but the truth is, it is hard work!  This DVD explains the steps you must take if you want to own and operate a thriving business.  Learn how the importance of time management, excellent communication skills and developing an eye for detail are all integral components to the success of your business.

This is a live recorded session from the 2008 IDEA World Fitness Convention™.

By Nicki Anderson

Video Chapters

1. Introduction Play
2. Myths and Fcts of Owning a Business Play
3. Start by Asking Yourself... Play
4. The Five Absolutes (Nusts and Bolts) of Business Success Play
5. Resources/Questions-and-Answer Session Play

About the Presenter

Nicki Anderson

Nicki Anderson IDEA Author/Presenter

Nicki Anderson owned and operated Reality Fitness, Inc. from 1993-2012. Since selling her business, she set her sites on helping fitness professionals grow successful businesses. She is currently a c...