The New Yoga–Pilates Blend

by Linda Freeman

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Discover the unique combination of standing Pilates blended into standing yoga sequences to sculpt, strengthen and stretch the lower body with a focus on spinal alignment, cuing and technique. Then finish the class with a combination of yoga and Pilates mat work. This amazing blend will impress your members with something new and will give you new tools for your mind-body teaching toolbox.

This is a live recorded session from the 2008 IDEA World Fitness Convention™.

By Linda Freeman

Video Chapters

2. Lecture
3. Warm-Up
4. Workout
5. Cool-Down

About the Presenter

Linda Freeman

Linda Freeman IDEA Author/Presenter

Linda L. Freeman—IDEA Master Personal Trainer, author and frequent IDEA presenter—loves to fuse formats and share new ideas with other fitness colleagues. Owner of Guru Fitness® LLC, she presents workshops worldwide and stars in multiple fitness DVDs.