Stress-Free Step

by Fred Hoffman, Med


Been looking for a ‘good ole’ step class? Well you’ve just found it! This video offers you everything that step was intended for: a fun, creative cardio workout, easy to follow choreography and no stress trying to keep up or figure it out. Filled with a variety of dynamic, easy to teach, and ready to use step combos, this video is a guaranteed good time for everyone! For all of the steppers out there—this one’s for you!
By Fred Hoffman, MEd

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Video Chapters

1. Introduction & Background Play
2. Step Reebok Guidelines Play
3. Choreographic Variations & Power Moves Play
4. Choreography-Building Techniques Play
5. Teaching Strategies Play
6. Master Class Play
7. Choreography Overview & Conclusion Play

About the Presenter

Fred Hoffman, Med

Fred Hoffman, Med IDEA Author/Presenter

Fred Hoffman, M.Ed., is the owner of Fitness Resources Consulting Services and the author of Going Global: An Expert’s Guide to Working Abroad in the International Fitness Industry. The recipient of...