Step on Cue!

by Melanie Douglass, RN


Step junkies! Come one, come all! Now here's a session that is all about advanced step choreography. You'll journey through three advanced step combinations and learn new ways to audibly cue complicated moves besides the old favorite, "watch this." If you can cue it—they will come!
By Melanie Douglass

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Video Chapters

1. Introduction Play
2. 3-Way Cuing Mathod Play
3. Combo 1 Play
4. Combo 2 Play
5. Combo 3 Play
6. Combo 4 Play
7. All Combos Play
8. Challenge Play

About the Presenter

Melanie Douglass, RN

Melanie Douglass, RN IDEA Author/Presenter

I grew up with a mom who sent me to school with “green drink” and bags of sprouts and a father who was a body builder, farmer and a fireman. The day after I graduated from high school my dad took ...