SGT Ken’s KettleBALL Master Class-Operation Breaking Barriers™

by Ken Weichert

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Participate in an intense, highly effective physical fitness training program that is practiced by the U.S. military. Complete with aerobic conditioning drills and newly featured KettleBALL calisthenics, the class will have you burning calories and working every muscle in your body! Find out how this program is prepared and implemented, then experience the same muscle-targeting techniques used to prepare soldiers for combat.
By Sergeant Ken Weichert

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Overview
3. Warm-Up
4. Circuit 1
5. Circuit 2
6. Circuit 3

About the Presenter

Ken Weichert

Ken Weichert IDEA Author/Presenter

Ken Weichert (a.k.a. “SGT Ken”) is an international speaker, six-time US Army Soldier of the Year, Master Fitness Trainer, Master Resilience Trainer, Counterintelligence Agent and highly decorated combat veteran. Ken has trained over 350,000 Soldiers and civilians through Operation Fit to Fight, has written over 100 articles for GX®, Backpacker®, Outside®, Health®, and created the fitness and health education for the National Guard website. Ken founded the longest-running Boot Camp fitness program in America, START Fitness®, and has starred is several best-selling fitness videos. Ken is the recipient of the canfitpro 2011 Best New Presenter of the Year award and has been featured numerous times on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox news. Through iostudio, Ken is a continuing education provider with ACE, NASM and AFAA for the Tactical Fitness Trainer (aka “Boot Camp Instructor”) courses (levels 1-3). Ken’s mission is to provide superior fitness and resilience training to help people manage stress more effectively and live more satisfying and rewarding lives.