Speed Rules-Getting There First!

by Scott Schreuder

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A high-intensity, fun-filled and energetic video that will educate you on the foundations of speed training, agility and quickness. Whether you are training the sedentary client or the elite athlete, you will walk away with an understanding of stride mechanics and correction, correct movement pattern and various conditioning drills. Learn to entertain, condition and educate your clients while having tons of fun.
By Scott Schreuder

Video Chapters

1. What is SAQ?
2. Warm-Up
3. Drills & Exercises
4. SAQ Training Session
5. Conclusion

About the Presenter

Scott Schreuder

Scott Schreuder IDEA Author/Presenter

Having attained a Bsc in Sports Science he went on to complete numerous other qualifications including those from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Assoc...