S.O.S. (Seniors On Strength)...The Sequel

by Carey Fraley

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This dynamic combination of strength development and cardiovascular conditioning for the active older adult will offer both a challenge and a fun atmosphere that will keep your seniors coming back for more. Simple choreography and basic functional exercises, utilizing exercise tubing, gliding disks and the stability ball, will add variety to your classes while including the necessary components for improving the ability to complete daily activities with ease.
By Carey Fraley

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Teaching for Success
3. Equipment Basics
4. Exercise Routine With Ball
5. Exercise Routine With Bal and Tubing
6. Seated With Ball Exercises
7. Push-Ups With Ball
8. Cool Down
9. Conclusion

About the Presenter

Carey Fraley

Carey Fraley IDEA Author/Presenter

Carey Fraley is the owner of Fitnessesities Instructor Training and specializes in programming for the 50+ population. She is a master trainer for Resist-a-Ball®, BOSU®, Gliding™ and SilverSneaker...