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Sole to Soul: A Pilates View of the Foot

by Cathleen Murakami

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Our feet are not only connected to the earth via the soles, but they truly connect our SOULS to the earth as well. The foot is a complex arrangement of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. It navigates the ground forces from below, along with the impact of all body weight from above, and translates that into a horizontal plane of motion. It's no wonder that a great foot massage elicits a big "ahhh!" Explore the basic anatomy, biomechanical movements and common foot malalignments and learn to work with them in the Pilates environment.
By Cathleen Murakami

Video Chapters

1. Introduction & Why We Need our Feet
2. Exercises for Assessing and Realigning Feet
3. Foot Landmarking
4. Understanding Proper Foot-Bone Alignment
5. Kinetic Chain Ramification of Supination & Pronation

About the Presenter

Cathleen Murakami

Cathleen Murakami IDEA Author/Presenter

Fitness industry for 30+ years. Avid reader. Lived in Europe twice. Taught fitness aboard the QEII. Pilates program director for Rancho la Puerta spa for 4 years. Pioneered Pilates programs for the Santa Barbara Athletic CLub and the Honolulu Club. Love animals. Hiking and being outside reveling in the beauty of nature is something I can't get enough of.