Sole to Soul: A Pilates View of the Foot

by Cathleen Murakami


Our feet are not only connected to the earth via the soles, but they truly connect our SOULS to the earth as well. The foot is a complex arrangement of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. It navigates the ground forces from below, along with the impact of all body weight from above, and translates that into a horizontal plane of motion. It's no wonder that a great foot massage elicits a big "ahhh!" Explore the basic anatomy, biomechanical movements and common foot malalignments and learn to work with them in the Pilates environment.
By Cathleen Murakami

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Video Chapters

1. Introduction & Why We Need our Feet Play
2. Exercises for Assessing and Realigning Feet Play
3. Foot Landmarking Play
4. Understanding Proper Foot-Bone Alignment Play
5. Kinetic Chain Ramification of Supination & Pronation Play

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Cathleen Murakami

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