Simple SMR Strategies to Improve Function

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Video Chapters

  • Chp. 1 Introduction & Overview
  • Chp. 2 What Do Muscles & Fascia Do?
  • Chp. 3 When Do Muscles & Fascia Do This?
  • Chp. 4 Assessing Muscles & Fascia
  • Chp. 5 Helping Muscles & Fascia with Simple SMR Strategies

Additional Content

  • Session Handout


Self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques are a simple and effective way to improve the overall function of the entire body. This video will teach you how to use specific assessments to pinpoint precise areas of the myofascial system that are restricted and dysfunctional to enhance the performance of the entire myofascial and musculo-skeletal network. The assessments and techniques taught in this video are designed to improve whole-body function both immediately and long term.

Justin Price, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter

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