Secrets Behind the Poses

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Video Chapters

  • Chp. 1 Introduction
  • Chp. 2 The Yoga Sutras
  • Chp. 3 The Sutras and the Secrets
  • Chp. 4 Mind-Body & Hatha Yoga
  • Chp. 5 Master Class
  • Chp. 6 Relaxation
  • Chp. 7 Conclusion


Why practice yoga asanas? What is really happening on the inside? Why do poses get more complicated instead of less after we have practiced them for a period of time? Why are people drawn to specific postures and why does a yoga practice develop the mind and the body? In this video, get answers to these questions and uncover some of the secrets to the practice of yoga. Learn how to use these same secrets to make you a world-class yoga teacher!
By Lauren Eirk

Lauren Eirk

IDEA Author/Presenter

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