Save Your Back: Get Your Butt in Gear!

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Video Chapters

  • Chp. 1 Introduction
  • Chp. 2 Incidence, Causes & Types of Low-Back Pain
  • Chp. 3 The Kinetic Chain
  • Chp. 4 Corrective Exercises (CEx) System
  • Chp. 5 The Workout

Additional Content

  • Session Handout
  • Session Handout


Low-back pain can slow a client's progress toward reaching health and fitness goals, if not completely derail them. In this video, you will explore the functional anatomy of the low back and related structure, identify surefire causes of low-back pain and review the National Academy of Sports Medicine's four-step Corrective Exercise System. The hands-on portion of the presentation will highlight the importance of the gluteal complex in preventing and treating low-back pain. Bring your glutes, you'll need them!
By Eric Beard, MS

Eric Beard, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter

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