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Rockin' Senior's Circuit (Aqua)

by Kenneth Baldwin


Our seniors love to socialize and play. But more than anyone, they need to be challenged to increase strength and movement. Using all of our water equipment and sometimes no equipment at all, combine hard work with play in this video that is designed to motivate and keep our seniors active and healthy.
By Kenneth Baldwin

Additional Content

Session Handout: Download PDF

Video Chapters

1. Introduction Play
2. Properties of Water Play
3. Why Do Seniors Do AQUA? Play
4. Exercises Play
5. Warm-Up Play
6. Rotating Through The Exercise Stations Play
7. Cool-Down Play

About the Presenter

Kenneth Baldwin

Kenneth Baldwin IDEA Author/Presenter

Ken Baldwin is an international presenter and is currently the education and products manager for QPEC, a company dedicated to CEC workshops for fitness professionals in Australia. Certifications: ACE...