Resist-A-Ball® Boot Camp

by Robert Steigele

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Resist-A-Ball® Boot Camp provides an overview of a challenging workout that features exercises utilizing a Resist-A-Ball. Each exercise in the workout is designed to address one or more of the following key fitness and motor-skill components: strength, endurance, balance, agility, coordination, and even cardiovascular fitness. Using a stability ball puts “fun” into functional training, while simultaneously delivering an intense workout where emphasis is placed on proper form and alignment. Each exercise can be performed singly or can be combined into an all-ball activity class format. Not only does the DVD explain and demonstrate how to perform each exercise, it also details how to sequence the exercises into a power-packed, total-body session.
By Robert Steigele

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Standing Moves
3. Prone Position Behind the Ball
4. Plank With Arm and Elbow Movement
5. Supine Position
6. All Moves in the Class Format
7. Cool-Down

About the Presenter

Robert Steigele

Robert Steigele IDEA Author/Presenter

Robert Steigele is a Toronto-based international fitness presenter with 20 years of experience in the fitness industry as a group exercise, yoga and Pilates instructor, personal trainer, professor and fitness writer. Robert is a master trainer for the Bender Method, Drums Alive®, Gymstick™ and Resist-A-Ball®. Certification: ACE