Putting Heart Into Mind-Body Training

by Marshall Eklund, MA

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If yoga and Pilates are your passions, you might want to consider the need for training your metabolic systems. Many mind-body programs focus on strength, flexibility and relaxation. Unfortunately, the cardiovascular and metabolic systems are often neglected. Learn how to augment current mind-body programs to incorporate aerobic/anaerobic interval training. Discover how to creatively train clients’ strength and flexibility while adding important heart-healthy elements into your program.
By Marshall Eklund, MA

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Traditional vs. Mind-Body Fitness
3. High Intensity Interval Programming
4. Unique Characteristics of Mind-Body Metabolic
5. Building Intervals
6. Workout
7. Conclusion and Cool Down

About the Presenter

Marshall Eklund, MA

Marshall Eklund, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

Marshall is a 25+ year fitness industry veteran with absolute passion for developing physical and personal power. Equipped with degrees in Marketing and Master’s in Biomechanics, Marshall opened his...