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Power Fueling-Brown Bag Lunches and Snacking Essentials

by Teri Gentes

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Want to infuse fun, flavor and living energy into power-fueling creations you can make in minutes? Learn how to make super-tasting, easy lunches and snacks for the busy person on the go! Explore whole food fueling and the full spectrum of nutrient-dense, energizing foods you’ll love. Get fast and fabulous recipes to make the easy transition to sustainable, healthful habits that reap optimal results.
By Teri Gentes

Video Chapters

1. Introduction & Overview
2. Raw Nut Hummus
3. Ezekiel 4:9 Wrap
4. Chia Cereal Apple Snack
5. Mediterranean Tapenade
6. 3-Ingredient Salad
7. Fruit and Nut Butter Snack
8. Healthy Ingredients
9. Date Snack
10. Recap

About the Presenter

Teri Gentes

Teri Gentes IDEA Author/Presenter

Teri is a presenter and practitioner with 30 plus years experience in education, motivation, and enabling application for people all over the world in making life-enhancing habits. I present for Corporations, Government, and Private industries -AFPA Fitness, Idea, Can Fit Pro, DCAC Fitness, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition; Export Development Canada; Ontario Power Generation; Midtown Health; Stats Canada etc and made regular appearances on local TV stations along with videos.