Pool Circuits for Older Adults

by Gay Elliott

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When working with older adults in the aquatic environment, it is our goal to keep it fun, simple and effective, while ensuring their comfort in the pool. Circuit training is a great way to keep them moving and cognizant of their intensity. Learn how you can keep them engaged and energized while providing a workout that is safe and effective.

This is a live recorded session from the 2008 IDEA World Fitness Convention™.

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By Gay Elliott

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Lecture
3. Warm-Up
4. Circuit #1
5. Circuit #2
6. Circuit #3
7. Circuit #4
8. Circuit #5
9. Circuit #6

About the Presenter

Gay Elliott

Gay Elliott IDEA Author/Presenter

Gay Elliott has 40 years experience as a physical education teacher, fitness and aqua-fitness instructor and older adults exercise specialist. As owner of Aristo-Fit, she teaches over 200 older adults in her private weekly fitness classes, conducts European Adventure tours and presents internationally.