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Pilates 50/50

by Linda Freeman


Pilates 50/50 presents a cutting-edge Pilates workout that is designed to sculpt the booty and strengthen the core. A Pilates 50/50 class consists of 50% standing Pilates work, which integrates Pilates principles into lower-body work, and 50% Pilates matwork to strengthen the core with complementary exercises. The DVD explains how exercisers create their own standing work by discovering the four base movements, intensifiers, and mood-makers, as well as effective cuing techniques.
By Linda Freeman

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Session Handout: Download PDF

Video Chapters

1. Introduction Play
2. Warm-Up Play
3. Charlie's Angels Play
4. Figure-Eight Squat Play
5. Shaver Play
6. Curtsey Play
7. Picking Flowers Play
8. Touch the Water Play
9. I Dream of Genie Play
10. Figure Four Play
11. Chopper Play
12. Pile Position Play
13. Caveman Play
14. mat Exercises Play

About the Presenter

Linda Freeman

Linda Freeman IDEA Author/Presenter

Linda L. Freeman—IDEA Master Personal Trainer, author and frequent IDEA presenter—loves to fuse formats and share new ideas with other fitness colleagues. Owner of Guru Fitness® LLC, she presents workshops worldwide and stars in multiple fitness DVDs.