Pilates 50/50

by Linda Freeman

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Pilates 50/50 presents a cutting-edge Pilates workout that is designed to sculpt the booty and strengthen the core. A Pilates 50/50 class consists of 50% standing Pilates work, which integrates Pilates principles into lower-body work, and 50% Pilates matwork to strengthen the core with complementary exercises. The DVD explains how exercisers create their own standing work by discovering the four base movements, intensifiers, and mood-makers, as well as effective cuing techniques.
By Linda Freeman

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Warm-Up
3. Charlie's Angels
4. Figure-Eight Squat
5. Shaver
6. Curtsey
7. Picking Flowers
8. Touch the Water
9. I Dream of Genie
10. Figure Four
11. Chopper
12. Pile Position
13. Caveman
14. mat Exercises

About the Presenter

Linda Freeman

Linda Freeman IDEA Author/Presenter

Linda L. Freeman—IDEA Master Personal Trainer, author and frequent IDEA presenter—loves to fuse formats and share new ideas with other fitness colleagues. Owner of Guru Fitness® LLC, she presents workshops worldwide and stars in multiple fitness DVDs.