Permit Pro-Getting Venues for Outdoor Fitness

by Lisa Druxman, MA

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Outdoor fitness has become one of the fastest growing trends in our industry, but many professionals don't know where to offer classes or how to get approval at their desired venue. This video will explore a variety of unique venues for outdoor fitness. Find out how to get park permits and negotiate fair deals for your business. Lisa will share her personal experience of helping her city create fair permits for the fitness industry and show you how you can, too!
By Lisa Druxman, MA

Video Chapters

1. Introduction & Overview
2. Why Outdoor Programs
3. Don’t “Fly Under the Radar”
4. Changing the System
5. Types of Venues
6. Getting the Permits & Keeping Them
7. Q&A
8. Role Play

About the Presenter

Lisa Druxman, MA

Lisa Druxman, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

Lisa Druxman, MA, is the owner and founder of Stroller Strides, one of the country's fastest growing franchises with over 1,000 locations nationwide. She is the author of Lean Mommy and the creator of Mama Wants Her Body Back. She holds a master’s degree in exercise science and is a recognized presenter, writer and instructor. Certification: ACE