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Periodization for Everyone

by Joseph Signorile, PhD

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Periodization has been used to help optimize training responses in athletes for decades. Featuring a hands-on demonstration, Periodization for Everyone links the scientific to the practical and explains how fitness professionals can apply this powerful tool to provide maximal benefits and functional improvement for their clients, regardless of their age or fitness level. 

Among the topics covered:

  • Time-based cycles
  • Potential problems
  • How to apply periodization to personal training

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Time-Based Cycles
3. Potential Problems
4. How to Apply Periodization to Personal Training

About the Presenter

Joseph Signorile, PhD

Joseph Signorile, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter

Joseph Signorile, PhD, is a professor in the department of exercise and sport sciences at the University of Miami. Dr. Signorile’s research interests include: periodization training for older adults, EMG analysis of training and functional performance, whole-body vibration and exercise prescription for diverse populations.