Partner Medicine-Ball Training

by Alex McMillan

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Partner Medicine-Ball Training presents a comprehensive overview of the basic fundamentals and techniques involved in medicine ball exercises. In a manner that is easy to understand and apply, the DVD explains and shows how to design and implement a progressive fitness workout routine featuring a number of full-body partner exercises designed to enhance power, speed and muscle conditioning. The DVD also details and demonstrates a series of enjoyable, yet physically-demanding, medicine ball exercises. Covers basic movement patterns, beginning-level exercises, intermediate-level exercises, ground-based core exercises, advanced-level exercises and medicine-ball games. (DVD)

Partner Medicine-Ball Training Highlights:

  • Explains how to design a progressive fitness workout featuring full-body partner medicine ball exercises that enhance power, speed and muscle conditioning
  • Presents a comprehensive overview of the basic techniques involved in medicine ball exercises 
  • Includes enjoyable, yet physically-demanding medicine ball exercises

By Alex McMillan

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Basic Moving Patterns
3. Beginning-Level Exercises
4. Intermediate-Level Exercises
5. Ground-Based Core Exercises
6. Advanced-Level Exercises
7. Questions-and-Answers Session
8. Medicine-Ball Games

About the Presenter

Alex McMillan

Alex McMillan IDEA Author/Presenter

Alex McMillan was named the 2006 IDEA International Program Director of the Year and is the owner, president and co-founder of Northwest Personal Training and Fitness Education.