Nutrition for the Long Run

by Pamela Nisevich, MS, RD, LD

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Nutrition for the Long Run is for both beginner and elite marathon training. Become informed about which macronutrients really matter (and where can you find them) and how much energy to supply for pre-event fueling, during-event fueling and post-event recovery. Discover nontraditional sources of fuel and how to store fuel along the 26.2-mile journey.
By Pamela Nisevich, MS, RD, LD

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Carbohydrates
3. Fat
4. Protein
5. Fluids
6. Micronutrients
7. Before the Workout
8. During the Workout
9. After the Workout
10. Race Day Nutrition

About the Presenter

Pamela Nisevich, MS, RD, LD

Pamela Nisevich, MS, RD, LD IDEA Author/Presenter

Pamela M. Nisevich, MS, RD, LD, is a nutrition consultant with Swim, Bike, Run, Eat! LLC, an online sports nutrition consulting practice that helps clients achieve optimum health and performance. She is well-versed in clinical, commercial and educational settings as a leader in the American Dietetic Association, a college instructor and a pediatric dietitian.