Nutrition Basics and Nutrient Timing: What All Fitness Professionals Should Know

by Amanda Carlson-Phillips, MS, RD and Keith B. Wheeler, PhD

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Learn important nutrition basics, and how they pertain to body fat reduction and changes in muscle mass. Get practical strategies and evidence-based approaches that will help you help your clients to maximize their exercise potential and recover from strenuous activities. Walk away with a greater understanding of nutrient timing and specific nutritional requirements that will benefit you and your clients.
By Amanda Carlson-Phillips, MS, RD, Keith Wheeler

Video Chapters

1. Introduction & Overview
2. Post Exercise State
3. Importance of Carbohydrates
4. Importance of Protein
5. HMB: Recovery Nutrient
6. K. Wheeler Summary
7. Amanda Carlson-Philips, EAS
8. Nutrition Summary
9. Rules to live By
10. Rule 1
11. Rule 2
12. Rule 3
13. Rule 4
14. Rule 5
15. Rule 6
16. Rule 7
17. Rule 8
18. Rule 9
19. Rule 10

About the Presenters

Amanda Carlson-Phillips, MS, RD

Amanda Carlson-Phillips, MS, RD IDEA Author/Presenter

Keith B. Wheeler, PhD

Keith B. Wheeler, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter