“Reform Your Pilates”—Pilates Reformers for Profit

by June Kahn


“Reform Your Pilates”—Pilates Reformers for Profit presents an overview of the key factors involved in developing a profitable Pilates reformer program for a facility and defines just what it takes to get this effective and profitable program off the ground. The DVD focuses on selecting and purchasing equipment, developing and allocating space, staff training, and implementing proper programming, as well as achieving market share. In addition, the DVD discusses pricing options in line with programming variations, with an emphasis on creating a long-term and profitable center for a facility. The DVD also explains why Pilates programming has been so effective over the years and how “reformer training” creates the magic behind successful Pilates programming efforts.

Among the topics covered:

  • Overview of Pilates
  • Pilates programming hurdles
  • Identifying the needs of your organization
  • Space allocation
  • Equipment selection
  • Programming elements
  • Eight key components
  • ROI/forecasting model
  • Management support

By June Kahn

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Video Chapters

1. Introduction Play
2. Overview of Pilates Play
3. Pilates Programming Hurdles Play
4. Identifying the Needs of Your Organization Play
5. Space Allocation Play
6. Equipment Selection Play
7. Programming Selection Play
8. Eight Key Components Play
9. ROI/Forecasting Model Play
10. Management Support Play

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June Kahn

June Kahn IDEA Author/Presenter

June Kahn is the 2009 World IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year and founder of June Kahn?s Bodyworks, LLC. She is the director of education for BeamFit, LLC, and is best known for bridging the gap bet...