JAMS: Joint Alignment and Muscle Sequencing

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Trainers must have a wide array of exercises, releases and modalities at their disposal in order to properly address the evolving needs of their current and future client base. Joint Alignment and Muscle Sequencing (JAMS) training circuits are designed to address individual metabolic, biomechanical, physiological and therapeutic needs. This DVD will teach you how to fully integrate proper joint alignment and muscle sequences into your training programs. Learn lower-body, core and upper-body workouts that include assessments, technique cues, exercises and JAMS circuits for individual and group sessions and for all ability and strength levels. These circuits can increase metabolism through muscle fiber activation, decrease injury risk through proper movement mechanics, and provide therapeutic response by redirecting joints and muscles to their proper settings.

By Charlie Hoolihan

Charlie Hoolihan

IDEA Author/Presenter

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