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Introduction to Kettlebell Training for Fitness Professionals

by Steve Cotter

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If you want to learn more about kettlebell training and how to apply it to your fitness-based business, this video is for you. The information covered in this DVD includes, but is not limited to, the history and benefits of kettlebell training, choosing the right kettlebell for your clients goals, basic exercises and key principles (mechanics and breathing) that form the foundation for each movement, as well as safe and proven progressions.
By Steve Cotter

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Body Positioning
3. Proper Breathing
4. The One Arm Swing
5. The Clean
6. The Press
7. The Push Press
8. Squats
9. Increasing the Difficulty
10. Core Training
11. Questions and Answers

About the Presenter

Steve Cotter

Steve Cotter IDEA Author/Presenter

Having personally taught thousands of students in over 60 nations internationally, Steve Cotter is known as one of the primary innovators in kettlebell training. A champion martial artist with a deep background in holistic mind-body training, Steve offers a unique blend of "East meets West" integration of eastern arts such as meditation, qigong (breathing arts), mobility, flexibility, kettlebell training, animal-based bodyweight conditioning and Strength & Conditioning