Improving Balance in the Baby Boomer

by Evan Osar, DC

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As the number of active Baby Boomers increases, there is the likelihood of increased incidence of falls and other injuries. This video focuses on the three keys to developing and improving balance in the Baby Boomer utilizing the "VIP" approach: Visualization-addressing neurologic causes of muscle inhibition; Isometrics-optimizing hip dissociation through isometric contractions; and Progressions-integrating appropriate functional movement progressions.
By Evan Osar, DC

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Topics Covered
3. Introduction to the Baby Boomer
4. Functional Kinesiology
5. A Multisystem Approach
6. Improving Function: LE Patterns
7. Conclusion

About the Presenter

Evan Osar, DC

Evan Osar, DC IDEA Author/Presenter

Evan Osar, DC, is the head of O.S.A.R. Consulting, which specializes in treating individuals with chronic pain and dysfunction. An international speaker, Dr. Osar presents for the American Council on ...