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How to Develop a Successful and Extremely Profitable Small-Group Personal-Training Program

by Cody Sipe, MS


How to Develop a Successful and Extremely Profitable Small-Group Personal-Training Program explains how personal trainers can make more profit out of their training sessions, while increasing their level of compensation and providing a fun and exciting experience to their clients at less cost. Detailing the key factors in small-group (2–3 clients) training, the DVD reviews how to develop and implement a successful small-group training program that taps into more of a health/fitness facility’s membership and retains them longer than typical training programs.

Among the topics covered:
  • Benefits of small-group personal training
  • Social and emotional aspects of small-group personal training
  • Challenges in small-group personal training
  • Qualities of an effective small-group trainer
  • How to build a small-group program
  • What works?

By Cody Sipe, MS

Video Chapters

1. introduction Play
2. Benifits of Small-Group Personal Training Play
3. Social and Emotional Aspects of Small-Group Personal Training Play
4. Challanges in Small Group Personal Training Play
5. Qualities of an Efective Small-Goup Trainer Play
6. How to Build a Small-Group Program Play
7. What Works? Play

About the Presenter

Cody Sipe, MS

Cody Sipe, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

Associate Professor and club owner with over 20 years of experience specializing in exercise for mature adults. Recipient of numerous industry awards including the IDEA Program Director of the Year. Co-Founder of the Functional Aging Institute ( Visit FAI's website for your free Functional Training Starter Kit and to learn more about the Functional Aging Specialist Certification. Creator of the Never Grow Old Fitness Program (, a follow-along video exercise program for mature adults. Frequent industry speaker and writer.