Healing Hunger

by Nicki Anderson


One of the most disturbing facts in our country is that although obesity is at an all-time high, 57 million people are dieting. How can we inspire and educate our clients to place value on their health and let the natural size follow? For too long diets have ruled women's (and men's) lives and created an unhealthy relationship with food. Learn how you can inspire your clients to hunger for health and gain a new respect for and relationship with food and their body.
By Nicki Anderson

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Video Chapters

1. Introduction Play
2. Who Is the Average Weight-Loss Client? Play
3. The Major Mistake Play
4. The Damage of Diets Play
5. The Stigma of Obesity Play
6. What the Obese Population Needs Play
7. Change Food Relationships Play
8. National Weight Control Registry Play

About the Presenter

Nicki Anderson

Nicki Anderson IDEA Author/Presenter

Nicki Anderson has owned and operated the award-winning Reality Fitness, Inc. since 1991. She is the health and fitness columnist for Suburban Chicago Newspapers and Naperville Magazine, and has autho...